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For Men Judo T-shirt Geek Short Sleeve 100% Cotton S-6XL Big Size Camiseta

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Mike Swain Championship Judo

There are two things that make a champion—ability and know how. Mike Swain, world champion and one of the most sought-after instructors in the world, will teach you all of the necessary skills to develop an advanced game and strategy in the art of modern Judo. This volume is illustrated with more than 800 pictures with step-by- step instructions. This book will make you a smarter, more prepared Judo fighter in competition and self-defense, and will show you how to choose the best techniques to fit your game plan in Judo and Gi-grappling matches so you can come out at the top of your competition

2189 RUR



Кулер PCcooler GI-X6B

Кулер PCcooler GI-X5B

New Summer Hot Sale mens fashion 2019 100% cotton Yu-Gi-Oh! Men's Blue Eyes White Dragon T-Shirt Tee shirt

2019 Hot Sale 100% cotton Yu-Gi-Oh! Men's Blue Eyes White Dragon T-Shirt Tee shirt

2019 Hot Sale 100% cotton Yu-GI-oh! Mens T-Shirt - Character In Cards Swathes Tee shirt

2019 Hot Sale 100% cotton Yu-Gi-Oh! Men's Blue Eyes White Dragon T-Shirt Tee shirt

2017 Latest Fashion Kanji Judo Men T Shirt Clothing Printed Cotton o Neck Top

Derek Scott Judo Games

In Judo Games Derek Scott, 3rd Dan and Experienced judo instructor and Dan Grade Examiner, teaches a collection of almost 100 games and exercises with easy to understand diagrams and simple clear explanations, making it easy to introduce them into your club. Judo Games will introduce you to new games and exercises, show you variations of games you use already and remind you of games you used to use in your class. This is the only book of games for a judo or other martial arts club you will ever need.

2178 RUR



Водяное охлаждение PCcooler GI-AH240C Corona RGB

Водяное охлаждение PCcooler GI-AH120U Halo RGB 

Кулер PCcooler GI-D56V Halo RGB

Водяное охлаждение PCcooler GI-AL240C CORONA B

Измеритель DVB-T/T2 сигнала Galaxy Innovations Gi TerrF

Водяное охлаждение PCcooler GI-AL120C Corona W

Кулер PCcooler GI-H58UB Corona B

288pcs/set Anime Japan Yu Gi Oh Game Cards Carton Yugioh Boy Girls Yu-Gi-Oh Collection For Fun With card


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